Saturday, August 30, 2008

DIY: Table Decor and Centerpieces

We love, and I mean absolutely love, sharing easy, do-it-yourself tricks of the trade to save money! Money saving, budget crunching, and making sure it is also drop dead luxurious is the name of the game. Not only luxury, but Luxe...for less!

Today, the team at Envi has decided to talk about Do-It-Yourself Table Decor and Centerpieces and how to have the Luxe for Less wedding on a budget!

A major addition to the wedding, is the decor! It can be as minimal or as extravagant as you wish. Lots of flowers, candles, bows, chair covers, and more. The decor gives the tone and sets the mood of the rest of your event.

Flowers can be a costly expense, especially using fresh arrangements of ornate and different types of flowers. Not to mention if you want specific hues, sizes, or out of season florals. Your costs can get higher and higher.

We did a wedding a few weeks back, and we had planning time of about two months. With a budget of $5000 for about 60 guests, live flowers would have eaten up the budget. However, we found an already made, faux floral arrangement that was a semi-tall centerpiece. Ivory hydrangeas, limes, roses, and other types of flowers. This arrangement on the total of 8 tables could have easily cost over $100 per arrangement. However, we were able to buy the pre-made arrangement for $25 at Target. They fit in the color scheme of the wedding and helped save lots of money. Instead of paying close at least $800 for arrangements, we were able to get them all for $200....saving 75% for our bride to allocate $600 to other avenues.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Guest Speaker on The Recipe Box 8/22/08

Morgan Nichole Scott, Executive Event Designer of Envi Consulting & Associates, a boutique Event Management and Consulting Firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia will be my special guest. We will discuss how to party planning tips, event themes, selecting the menu and entertainment.

Listen in on Blog Talk Radio or call in at (646) 378-1299

8:00 pm EST

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza


I just wanted to share the latest news on the Bridal Show! We are so excited that BRIDES magazine has joined in to sponsor this event! You do NOT want to miss out.

Thank you Melissa McCulloch and the BRIDES team for agreeing to sponsor our gift bags for our attendees! We are so excited and happy.

Stay tuned for more information....