Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ultra Chic for Less

So anybody who knows me, also knows that I absolutely LOVE Cherry Blossoms! They are gorgeous and my wedding is going to be a Cherry Blossomed theme. So, I was browsing around and today in my inbox came something that can incorporate Cherry Blossoms into one's wedding, add the chic that we girls all dream about, but don't break the pockets that the expensive Cherry Blossoms and Orchids will all do.

Cherry Blossom Velum Wine Glass Covers! glass covers!

No....not to literally put over your wine glass, but to place a tealight in the glass and the vellum cover over it to create the ambiance and glamour of the Cherry Blossoms.

Aren't these just the cutest! They can be found on the Get Married shopping site in a pack of 24 for $30.

Until next time....happy shopping and wedding planning!

Eventfully Yours,