Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sonya + Roman November 6, 2010

I witnessed a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony today of one of my dearest friends, Sonya Scott and her new hubby Roman Doss. This was a pure example of true love and how two people can know each other for a lifetime and God bring them together later in life and it is absolutely stunning!

The wedding was gorgeous, the bride was beautiful and the ambiance was great!

A few pics to come of just how beautiful the wedding and reception were.

Until next time...


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grand Atrium at 200 Peachtree

Native Atlantans are familiar with the old Macy's building downtown. Marble floors and columns. Oversized chandeliers. Open white space. Absolutely marvelous. The building had been closed for awhile, until this past June when it has reopened under new management as an Event Facility. Check out some of the photos below to see the absolutely breath taking creative space that the new owners have re-opened to the public in Atlanta.

I truly believe that this will be a premier space in Atlanta in the upcoming months.

**All photos are courtesy of Grand Atium at 200 Peachtree**

If you are interested in using this space for any upcoming events, contact their Sales Manager at 404.281.9550. I'm sure they would love to have your event showcased in their portfolio!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ventanas ~ An Event Space

The ENVI team was fortunate enough to share in an ISES-Atlanta fundraising event back in May. This event was held at a nice location called Ventanas (windows in Spanish) and boy is it a gorgeous space! We are going to highlight a number of event spaces across the city that may be well known or hidden gems, but are some that we love to frequent!
This week's highlight is Ventanas!

Ventanas is a rooftop event space that overlooks Centennial Olympic Park. It is full of picture windows and has a breathtaking view. Can you imagine attending an event here as the sun is setting??? To die for!

All photos are courtesy of Ventanas. For more information about the venue, check them out online at Ventanas Atlanta.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Planning a Surprise less than 72 hours!

The ENVI team has been busy at work and we have not been blogging as much as our readers have liked, however....we're back!

We recently planned a surprise dinner birthday party and here's the catch.....we pulled it off perfectly in less than 72 hours!

We are here to share the secrets, some do's and don'ts so if you have a surprise party you want to plan you can do it stress-free, with ease, and enjoy yourself in the process!

The daughter of the special guest contacted our office for expertise in planning this type of shindig in a short amount of time....3 days to be exact!

Well, how do you do that?

1. Book it!
The venue that is. When searching for your venue for a party, you first have to have an idea of how many guests you are expecting. In a short time frame of 3 days, you would like to keep it to a minimum, it's easier to manage that way. Not only do you keep the guest list to a minimum, but search for a place that has all amenities included so that you have less to worry about. For this event we had a guest list of 15 people and our venue was Kiku at Camp Creek, a Japanese Steak House.

2. Spread it!
The word that is. Now it's time to let your guests know about the plans and share all the details. After you have gathered phone numbers and email addresses of all invitees and quickly start dialing and / or sending evites out to let them know about the plans. Don't forget to let them know the time of arrival for guests and the time of arrival of the special guest. The worst thing would be for your guests to arrive at the same time of the honoree!!! Not only do you have to inform your guests of the plans, but you have to stress that it is a SURPRISE and designate someone to get the guest of honor there.

3. Theme it!
Depending on the vibe you are going for with the party, you may want to have a theme. For this party, we didn't have a theme per se, but we did keep a certain color scheme of pink, orange, and gold. Also the dessert plates were the same color scheme with a damask print. It was absolutely gorgeous.
4. Wrap it!
Wrap up the details and get ready to have fun! Final details include ordering the cake, providing ideas for gifts to the guests, and taking care of any loose ends. Make sure that you are there as the party host early enough to greet the guests, especially in the case of using a restaurant. Sometimes restaurants have you in a special party room and other times, especially on busy nights, as in the case with Kiku you will be seated once the entire party gets there. Stress the importance of timeliness and you will be set to go!

The party at Kiku was a great success. The honoree was thrilled, super surprised, and had a wonderful time with her family and friends.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Toss out Tradition.....Glitter Your Cake Topper!

A few years back, the phrase "bling" was a big name in music, fashion, and everyday life. The glitz, glam, and bling has even moved to weddings. Aside from embellishments on dresses, shoes, headpieces, and we have bling on your wedding cake topper.

Toppers with Glitz have allowed many couples to personalize and add some flair to their Wedding Cake....with an inexpensive yet personalized Wedding Cake Topper.

Here are a couple of their designs:

Friday, January 22, 2010

U.S. Congressional Mayor's Gala

Just a quick post:

I happened to be walking through the National Building Museum on yesterday as they were preparing for the U.S. Congressional of Mayors Gala. Everytime I walk through the Museum there is something going on. The setup was gorgeous and of course when I want to take a picture the battery in my camera is dead completely, so I snapped it with my camera phone.

Simply beautiful!

Black linens, Gold Chiavari Chairs, simple centerpieces (Ivory roses cut low and in a round vase), Gold Chargers. Very Chic.