Friday, December 25, 2009

Are Client Appreciation Events Necessary?

In the world of corporate event planning, there are some planners who strictly specialize in a certain niche area: Trade Shows, Conferences, Meeting Planning, or Corporate Social Events. There are others who are the jack of all trades and have their hands in a little bit of everything. In today's economy, everyone falls under the consumer umbrella in some capacity or another. To thrive, build referrals (especially in a referral based business), and to continue to show your clients that you appreciate all that they do (spend their hard-earned money with you instead of with the competition), it is necessary to let them know!

Well, how would you do such a thing?

Many companies are trying to cut costs in every arena to make sure their profits continue to stay at the same level or get higher. So here are a couple of low-budget ways to show your clients you love them and have them continuously choosing you over the competition.

1. Summer picnic or barbecue.
2. Holiday parties held either in your home or at a local restaurant or hall.
3. Golf outings.
4. Theater parties.
5. Sporting events such as baseball, basketball, and football games.
6. Afternoon or evening cruises on local rivers and lakes.
7. Fishing tournaments.
8. Movie nights at local theaters. A variation: In summer, rent out part of a local park or meadow, rent a screen and projector and invite customers to movies under the stars.
9. Ice skating and roller skating parties. If you’re near an indoor ice rink, stage the ice skating party in summer.
10. Circus parties.
11. A day at the zoo.
12. Croquet or badminton tournaments in local parks.
13. Ice cream social.
14. Apple-picking parties.
15. Excursions to museums and botanical gardens where you provide transportation, admission, and lunch.
16. Cooking demonstration at a local restaurant.
17. Wine tasting.
18. Block party.
19. Nature walk, followed by a picnic.
20. Retro dance party with a local band. Have an instructor show people how to dance.
21. Talent show-karaoke night.
22. Treasure hunt.

Also, there are always direct mail campaigns that keep your customers thinking about you! Just shoot them over a little note to say that you were thinking about them.

List of Customer Appreciation courtesy of REALTOR Magazine Online

Red & Gold Holiday Decor Inspiration

On Christmas Day, we felt it befitting to give a little holiday decor inspiration. These are some photos that get us warm and fuzzy inside to celebrate the Holiday! Enjoy and Have a Merry Christmas!

These photos were taken courtesy of HGTV and the Entertainment guru Sandra Lee decorates a couples brownstone in Harlem.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to Throw a Holiday Bash without Breaking the Bank

As the holiday season approaches, songs, food, and good cheer are our primary source of enjoyment during this time. Some people, who have annual Holiday gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers, are feeling the crunch in today’s economic times. They are tasked with how to continue the tradition of throwing a Holiday Bash, without breaking the bank. In just a few short steps, we’re going to outline how to create the greatest shindig, without emptying your pockets to do so.

1. Decrease your Guest List
We have been known to throw the best party in the city for the last 10 years. However, this year, our finances just aren’t allowing us to have 100 guests at our home to entertain and feed them all. The first way to cut back is to decrease the number of invitees. It may be hard, but sometimes you have to just include those who are closest to you to share in this special occasion. It will be a more intimate setting and allow everyone to mix and mingle with each other.

2. Simplify your Menu

Instead of having a full course dinner to serve to your guests, try picking a few passed hors’devoures and a dessert selection. I am a fan of signature drinks, so try working with your fave bartender and create one just for your holiday party. This will save on the amount of alcohol you have to buy as well as the other additives that make mixed drinks so very appetizing! Make sure you have some juice and sodas for your non-alcoholic guests.

3. Illuminate!
I absolutely love decorating! It’s something that is a bit therapeutic for me. However, it can become costly to decorate your home or event space to create the ambiance you are looking for. One of my favorite cheating tips is to illuminate! Dim the overhead lights and increase the number of candles you have. Votives in the window seals, votives as your centerpieces on a mirrored glass, it creates a space that looks expensive to make, but really costs little to nothing.

4. Utilize Electronic Invitations!
The last point is to save a few dollars on your invitations by utilizing an electronic invitation system. Whether you decide to create a document in Microsoft Word, PDF it and email it to your list and wait for the email responses, or use an automated invitation system like Evite, which can real-time your guest list as well as let you know who has received, opened, and/or responded to your request. Either way it saves money on printing and postage.

Use these four handy tips to create the holiday bash that you and your guests will enjoy, without breaking the bank to do so.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The ENVI Consulting & Associates, Inc. team would like to wish all our friends, family, and clients a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful beginning to the Holiday 2009 Season. We are looking forward to our office wide Thanksgiving soiree, but had to come and leave a note for our many supporters. See you on Monday!

Until next time....


Monday, October 26, 2009

Matrimonial Mondays: It's All in the Details

Here at the ENVI design studio, our resident blogger has decided to create a special theme for specific days of the week. Debuting today, Monday, October 26, 2009, we will start to cater our blog directly to these specific themes.

Matrimonial Mondays: All about's all in the details.

One of the newest trends in Wedding Gowns for the end of 2009 and 2010 is 50's chic. Have you noticed that the fashion of the 50's is sparking around us in all areas and facets of life? Tea Length skirts, Tulle, and high necklines make way for a 50's flair all around.

Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Evening of Bridal Luxury

On September 27, in midtown Atlanta, the Atlantan Bridal Magazine hosted An Evening of Bridal Luxury at the Hotel Palomar. Many of the top professionals in the wedding industry were in attendance. Atlanta's award-winning photographer, Jaxon, was the photography partner for the event.

Here are some of the photos from the event....absolutely stunning!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Having your closest friends, family, or girls to stand next to you and support your nuptials is something that all brides anticipate for their wedding day. Choosing them is half the battle. NOW, instead of just sending a quick text, email, or a phone call away as most friends are, brides are using cute and innovative ways to ask these special ladies to stand beside them and support the marriage they are embarking upon.

I was browsing around on ETSY and found a picture of a Bridesmaid invitation that I thought was so cute I just had to share:

Isn't that just the cutest? It is for sale here for $3.00/ea .... Plus you can add some embellishments like Swarovski Crystals, Ribbons, and Flowers for about a quarter each.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wise-Brooks Wedding

This past Saturday, October 17, 2009 on Sweetest Day, I had the pleasure of finally seeing a year long vision come to fruition! The nuptials of Wendy Wise and Harris Brooks, Jr.

In Atlanta, Georgia at Lambert Place (800 Lambert Drive, Atlanta, GA) the lovely couple exchanged vows at 11:30 a.m. Their colors were mocha and sage. It turned out beautifully!

Here are some of the photos:

Monday, October 5, 2009

I DO it Myself Wedding Planning Series

You asked for it and now it is here!

Brides & Grooms always want to know how to get more for less and the team at ENVI Consulting & Associates wants to help our clients achieve the posh and swanky affair on the budget they can afford.

So presenting for the first time in the Washington, DC area....

I DO It Myself Wedding Planning Series
presented by: ENVI Consulting & Associates, Inc.

Sponsored by: Farmers & Fishers on the Georgetown Waterfront

This 4 week series for couples will assist brides & grooms in planning a swanky affair on an affordable budget without the assistance of a professional wedding planner....all from the guidance in 1 month of Expert Wedding Planners and other Industry Professionals.

This event will be held at:

Farmers & Fishers on the Georgetown Waterfront
3000 K St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Visit the venue at

Stay tuned for more details.

Going against the Grain ~ Non Traditional Seasonal Decor

This is my favorite season of the year. The Fall foliage, leaves changing colors, the weather is so nice (well sometimes). I absolutely love it! Aside from that, there are a few ideas that I have seen that can add to the interiors with the theme of the season. Using colors such as burnt oranges, cranberry, chocolate, just does something to warm the space up. However, there are instances where the traditional color palatte just isn't what our client wants, then we have to put our creative hats and drink our creativity juice to come up with something that will not only be simple to find the items we're looking for, but will add a spark and twinkle in the eye.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seaside Vacations: End of Summer Outdoor Dinner Party

As the summer quickly comes to a close, we can reminisce on the vacations we took, the great food we ate, and the friends we spent countless hours with. Beach vacations are usually a call for some great seaside cuisine. As Labor Day approaches in the next 6 days, this weekend is an excuse to bring back some of those memories for a last hoorah and host a smashing good time in your backyard with some of your closest buds for a Summer Outdoor Dinner Party.

Party Basics:

There are few essentials that come to play when organizing a smashing good party.
  • Venue
  • Entertainment
  • Decor
  • Guest List
  • Food & Beverage

and last but certainly NOT least....


VENUE: For the purposes of today's post and the reason for the season (**yes one of my faves is the holidays and holiday entertaining is the absolute BEST....only a few months left**), we will set the venue for the festivities to be held in the quaint backyard, deck, or patio of your home. Setting the scene, its a fairly large space to hold comfortably about 40-50 guests for your dinner party, complete with high boy tables, rounds for comfortable seating and a dance floor too!

ENTERTAINMENT: The entertainment for the evening, would be a nice mixture of contemporary music. From various genres so that everyone in attendance is comfortable. Since this is going to be an adult affair, lots of mixing and mingling of acquaintances will happen so there is no need for anything too formal for this casual gathering of friends coming together for a end of the summer shabang! **Hint....a live band wouldn't set well in this casual affair**

DECOR: I absolutely love piecing together arrangements for parties. For this fun and festive occasion, you would definately need lighting to get through the rest of the night. So some hanging lights, maybe some chinese lanterns hanging from the trees and white lights lining the fence. On the tables, I'm a lover of round tables, but have white/aqua linens with some small votives illuminating the space as well sitting atop glass chargers. In the votive centerpiece, since we are remembering our Seaside Vacation, include some sand or blue marbles to resemble the water aspect of the beach.

GUEST LIST: Wrapping up the summer festivities, including your closest friends and some work acquaintances it should be a great time! A simple evite is the easiest way to communicate your upcoming event and also be able to keep tabs on the RSVP's....a must in party planning.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Time to eat! Having an array of finger foods, kabobs, and anything else that will just give your guests a little bit to eat, mix and mingle....cocktail style. You don't have to have anything heavy, it is a party you know! To drink....I'm all about the siggy drinks. Since this is a seaside vacation remembrance dinner party, incorporate a tropical paradise alcoholic or you can make it non-alcoholic as well. It's your party, engage your guests as much as possible and make it fun. Of course, have some other non alcoholic options for your guests who are non drinkers.

Last Point......BUDGET (but it really comes in first before ANY planning can begin). Your budget is your single handed most important piece of the puzzle. For any event, big or small, you have to know the funds your are working with to make it come together. When you have your total number, then you can find out which direction you are going to go for the pieces and which is most important in your party to WOW your guests.

After you put all these pieces together, don't forget to thank your guests for coming at the end of your smashing good party!

Happy Labor Day!

Until next time....


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cherry Blossom Elegance: Favor Ideas

Going back with our Cherry Blossom theme, Get Married, has the cutest pillar candles for sale! A sweet and lovely sign of spring masterfully painted on a simple, square, white candle brings elegance and promise to any event. The “Cherry Blossom” Candle, beautifully adorned with the Asian symbol of love, affection and good fortune, invites your guests to dream of faraway places while basking in the warmth of where they are.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Something Fun for a DC Summer Day

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? On Saturday, July 18 from 12-5pm Uptown Girl Ent, LLC is hosting Cocktails & Glosses at Helix Hotel. This ultra-swank affair is for those ladies who just can't find the best lip color and also want to have a great time. Come and see this season's lastest lip colors, be pampered by makeup artists, and have a cocktail. You're in for a treat!

Tickets for this event are $35 and can be purchased here at Cocktails & Glosses

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Writing's On The Wall

In these times where we are all trying to be more conscious of the environment, cut costs in all corners, and be as trendy as possible....ALL at the same time, there are various factors that we have to assess and throw in to make it happen.
In this Green effect of the country being more environmentally friendly, how does one incorporate that into their wedding along with making the decor uber chic?

Well, one way through is to have wall graffiti!

That's right, writing on the wall!

Isn't this cute???? When I saw this photo I immediately thought of the Clubhouse at my subdivision and how it would serve as a quaint space for an intimate wedding affair....and then outside near the pool, have a poolside cocktail reception with high boy tables and signature martinis! Sounds lush....

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous? Think about how nice and calming it would be to retreat outside for a poolside reception at dusk....

Try some of these ideas for your next wedding, party, or cocktail soiree!

Eventfully Yours,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

What does the High End, Quality Bride look like?

This question is one that poses many event planners and vendors in the Wedding Industry to raise a brow and ponder...what does SHE look like? The bride, the contract that we all wish to acquire. The bride whose budget is upwards $60K, whose father and other contributors to the funds of producing this lavish affair say "Money is no object", the bride who after all is said and done is happy because her Princess Fairytale Wedding with Glass Cinderalla Slippers and all has come to an end and she and her prince charming threw the event of the century....THAT bride is who us as event planners dream of being able to sit across the table in our corner office and WIN that contract.

However, when you are so focus and consumed with catering to that bride, how many other brides who may not have those 6 figure budgets, but want to pay you for your services and expertise are you bypassing just to get that 1 contract???

Well, the ECA team is focused on not on producing Upscale Social and Corporate Events, but we are focused on producing these events with all types of clients in mind. From the $5K budgets to the $500K budgets, we are equipped with the resources and the knowledge to cater to all needs, tastes, and preferences.

Today's post is going to hopefully assist some other vendors, planners, brides, MOB's, and readers of our blog with some helpful business savvy etiquette ~ don't rule out potentials waiting on that ONE big bank contract. You could easily build up lots of clientele with smaller budgets while you continue to sit and ponder on the $100K bride.

Now, this high-end, quality bride....what does she look like? Is she blonde, brunette, or a red head? Does she have a specific profession or is she just a daddy's girl who was born into wealth? Is she a Bridezilla or is she cool calm collected? There are so many scenarios to this riddle, but the truth lies in that waiting on Princess Bride will keep you from building your business to the higher heights that you can reach.

See you at the top....


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cummerbunds and Tails???

Recently I was posed with a question over what is acceptable attire for a specific social event. I was sitting with the Best Man of an upcoming wedding and was looking at the tux that was chosen for the groomsmen. To my surprise, it was a tux with tails....

I immediately asked him, well what time is the wedding scheduled for? He wasn't sure, so we headed to the wedding website of the couple and found out that it is scheduled for 2 pm. Do we continue to focus on the social stigma of semi-formal, after five, formal, white / black tie....OR for our events and the accompanying attire matter simply on what we like and want?

If we are focusing on what is 'correct' attire for the occasion, then tails on a tux at 2pm in the summertime would be ALL WRONG! For a daytime wedding, even though a wedding is a formal event and you should ALWAYS be in Sunday's best, you would be ok in wearing a tailored suit, light or dark colored, and the tails, cummerbund, bow tie isn't necessary.

However, there are daytime formal weddings, which would incorporate tails or other formal dress such as long bridesmaid dresses and a formal wedding gown.

For guests, what would you wear or what is acceptable attire to such an occasion? In order to determine the formality of the wedding or special event, the first place to start is to consider the invitation. If the invitation is on heavy card stock, with calligraphy, then you can expect at least a semi-formal affair. If you are receiving an invitation via Evite, then it screams casual.

Whatever you do, make sure that you research the formality and are prepared for the occasion. If you have questions about do's and dont's for attire you can reference this site.

Friday, May 22, 2009

ENVI making a HUGE change

Get ready for some real changes! ENVI is now opening its operation in the Greater Washington, DC area. We are so excited to be able to offer our outstanding services, as well as starting to make plans for the ENVI Design Studio!

Keep following us....

Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

ENVI and Get Partnership

GREAT NEWS! We are so pyched that we have to share with all our readers.

First off, thank you to everyone who comes in and reads the blog! We look forward to the comments and making sure that our blogs get more interesting and informative on a daily basis. So, thank you to our readers.

Second, today we were contacted by our friends at Get Married and Get that they loved our post from yesterday about Resource Cafes and their feature on the show. How cool huh? Not to mention, we were asked to make a mutual partnership so that we can continuously share our stories with their readers and vice versa.

So, now of course we have to write more often and increase our variety!

Stay tuned....


Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is a Resource Cafe?

I was watching one of my favorite shows this morning, Get Married on Lifetime and one of the features was something that I thought was pretty neat, and wierd enough one of my ideas for ENVI expansion. There is this venue called the Wedding Cafe New York which is a space where brides and vendors can come together and plan the wedding from start to finish. These resource cafes are special because for vendors that don't have a store front or don't have space to house their centerpieces and designs on a daily basis, develop partnerships with premier wedding vendors and allow brides and the other essential parties in their planning process to come and meet the vendors at that location. Snazzy huh? I think so myself!

This is also a great resource to be able to have all your vendors meet a once, it cuts down on vendor meetings, traveling from one end of the city to the other, as well as making sure that every party involved in the process is on one accord. Simply amazing! I absolutely LOVE it!

Here are some pics of the Wedding Cafe in New York:

So, for my DIY brides, here is a budget friendly alternative which will also save you some time and money from running around town all day! Granted, the vendors that are at these resource cafes are the best of the best and could be a bit on the higher priced end, the security of knowing that you will be WELL taken care of is priceless for a flawless wedding day.
Until next time...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LUXE for LESS: Crystal Tree Centerpieces

Since the Real Housewives of Orange County season a few years back, the crystal tree craze has become a new staple in weddings and creating a focal point for dynamic decor. Crystal trees are pretty expensive items to have someone else make just based off the time it takes to make, BUT it is something that you can spend your own time to make and make it a fun project for you and your hubby - to - be, therefore are other ways that are more budget friendly for brides to have and still allow them to be glamourous ideas for the bride.

Here is the crystal tree that was in Brides magazine. Doesn't it look gorgeous? Here are the instructions to make the crystal tree:

1. Ethereal Decor sells faux reproduction and real Manzanita trees which are the base for the crystal tree centerpiece. Choose your tree, faux or real, in your color that you want.

2. You can either purchase individual crystals or the already strung crystal beads and string the beads.

This is a wonderful project. Try it out and let me know how it turns out.

Until next time...


Use a Professional or DIY???

With the onset of economic challenges for all people, there are more people who are deciding to have DIY (do-it-yourself) projects such as decor, invitations, thank yous, catering, photography, etc. by soliciting the talents of friends, family, and of course carving out time to do them yourself. Well, what is the difference between hiring a professional for your special events versus doing it yourself?

Well, there are many differences and benefits of hiring a professional. Specifically, that professional is an EXPERT in their field. For example, the team at ENVI Weddings & Special Events is the EXPERT in wedding and special event planning. We have had training and certification in all aspects of special events, both social and corporate. Therefore, we know what to do and how to avoid some major event mishaps. Secondly, if you choose not to use a professional, then your team of DIYs have to work during your special event. Your event should be a time where all of your friends, family, and yourself should be able to enjoy the festivities, not be on radar and man the ship to watch out for anything that may not run smoothly....that is why there are planners, coordinators, designers, florists, and photographers, to take that stress off of you and allow the pros to do what they do best!

Even though money may be tight is some areas, there are GREAT professionals who are budget friendly and can make your event blossom with the resources you have to work with. ENVI Weddings & Special Events specializes in providing solutions for the budget - friendly bride, the last minute party host, and the time conscious mom!

Until next time....


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Different Name, Same Vibe

ENVI Consulting & Associates, Inc. has re-created to a new and improved look! We still operate with the same standards and have the same goals, but want to provide a definitive answer to our clients of ....what do you consult??? Weddings & Special Events! Therefore, we have changed our name from ENVI Consulting & Associates to ENVI Weddings & Special Event Planning.

With our ultra-chic and pleasantly posh feel, we provide an uber couture sense of glamour to our clients and their guests at ALL our events.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is Damask?

For some reason, I have really started to love the antique look of Damask fabrics and accents. It is definately something that can spice up a wedding, add a bit of 'pop' to the decor and overall chic to the event.

An example of how damask looks is like this:

An example of how damask can be incorporated in event decor is:

Even though damask isn't necessarily a trend, it definitely is on the cusp of becoming the estilo del dia.

There are pros to adding damask to your event decor. If for nothing else it will look like you spent tons of time decorating, when with a little extra fabric, some votives, and long stem callas your decor is outstanding!

Until next time....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lose 2 - 3 Sizes in 10 Minutes with no Diet, no Exercise, no Surgery, and No pills!

Health, wellness, and fitness are all important factors in our lives. The management team at ENVI has been introduced to a wonderful product and we are soooo excited to be able to offer this spectacular product and information about health and wellness to our clients, friends, families, and associates. We have partnered with a company called Ardyss International who has a line of reshaping garments, nutritional supplements, and skin care products as well. Some of the best garments on the market, in my opinion, the greatest invention ever, the BODY MAGIC! When I tell you that this is something that is marvelous and outstanding….it is a God-send! If you are having issues with weight loss, or have a few problem areas that you want to conquer, or even if you are wishing to have a product that will provide superb back support, the Body magic will work wonders for you.

The Body Magic allows you to lose 2 – 3 sizes in 10 minutes with no dieting, no exercise, no surgery, and no pills! Crazy? Far from. Real? Extremely! It has worked wonders for me, and I am excited to be able to share the information to anyone I can with hopes of changing the health and well being of others in my circle.

If you want to know more about the products, the offerings, want to see it in person, or even want to know more about the business opportunities, then don’t hesitate to contact us at 404.494.6799

Also, for more information visit us online at

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ultra Chic for Less

So anybody who knows me, also knows that I absolutely LOVE Cherry Blossoms! They are gorgeous and my wedding is going to be a Cherry Blossomed theme. So, I was browsing around and today in my inbox came something that can incorporate Cherry Blossoms into one's wedding, add the chic that we girls all dream about, but don't break the pockets that the expensive Cherry Blossoms and Orchids will all do.

Cherry Blossom Velum Wine Glass Covers! glass covers!

No....not to literally put over your wine glass, but to place a tealight in the glass and the vellum cover over it to create the ambiance and glamour of the Cherry Blossoms.

Aren't these just the cutest! They can be found on the Get Married shopping site in a pack of 24 for $30.

Until next time....happy shopping and wedding planning!

Eventfully Yours,


Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's the skinny????

On your wedding day, it is sooo important to make sure that you are looking your absolute best. Some brides are just so ravishing on that day, from the hair, to the glow of their makeup, to the dress....all the way down to their toes! It's just beautiful. All brides are just absolutely gorgeous. It's just something about wedding days.

As much as I love weddings, it takes a lot for a bride to get to the point where they feel comfortable in that dress. Why is it that most brides, not all, but most, get into a physical crunch and have to find the need to hit the nearest Bally's or LA Fitness 4 times a week to get into that gorgeous Vera Wang or Christian Dior gown? However, they never stepped foot or cared to before? Well, some keep up with their personal training regimine while others realize that their soon to be hubby loved them the way they were and will continue to on that day of nuptials.

BUT....for those who still want to 'suck' in the aforementioned areas that need a little special attention, there are always Spanx. Spanx are a girls best friend! The best selling, body shaping wear for women on the planet. Spanx will suck in everything that needs to be sucked, everywhere it needs to be sucked, for as long as it needs to be my drift?

So, if you don't have enough time to hit the gym and get that Coke Bottle shape that you have been longing for to get into that sheath gown that hugs at every point, then of course go to your local Nordy's, Bloomie's, Neiman's, Saks, or even Lane Bryant to name of few of the retailers that sell Spanx. You can also go online and check out the various collections and pick what you need!
Happy Valentine's Day!