Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congrats you're engaged! Now, Plan Your Engagement Soiree!

Engagement parties are now becoming a more prevalent occasion for contemporary couples. As we are embarking upon the Fall wedding season, there will be more and more soirees with the benefit of celebrating your upcoming nuptials.

The first, is starting with the Engagement Party. While I consult tons of clients on how to relax during their engagement period, allowing Envi to coordinate their events, and have the time of their life, there are some parties that couples enjoy planning together for their friends, their friend and family throw for them in celebration.

As with anything, there are always trends. Engagement Parties are not a new fad, they are actually an old concept that are becoming more prevalent, as with clothing styles. The original concept of engagement parties were that they were thrown in honor of the couple to announce their engagement. It was usually thrown by the bride's parents either as a dinner party, cocktail reception, or something for close friends and immediate family to offer congratulations. Fast-forward to now, since weddings on average take about a year to plan, engagement parties are becoming a more formal way to immediately congratulate the couple on their new found journey together.

As with any party, you will determine your budget, your guest list for your invitations, venue, decor, food and drink, and nice parting gifts thanking your guests for attending. All of these components set the tone of your event. You can also determine the formality that you would like your affair to be, depending upon the personalities of the couple. Some may want an intimate, at home dinner, with close friends and family that could be impromptu, where you can play games such as Who knows the couple? , or other couples may want something more formal, such as a cocktail reception, exquisite decor, and mix and mingling, toasts for well-wishes and lots of music, dancing, and fun.

Keeping in line with etiquette, whoever is invited to your engagment party, must also be invited to the wedding. Typically, the engagement party will be hosted shortly after the proposal, anywhere from 1 to 3 months after. However, if you are having a relatively short engagement (meaning 6 months or less), then an engagement party is not necessary or appropriate. Also, an engagement party is simply an event that congratulates the couple, not one that is seen as a gift-bearing affair. Guests will want to provide a little token, but registry information is not appropriate for this affair.

Whatever your personality, Engagement Soirees are fun to plan and even more fun to attend. Remember, that this event is in honor of the couple, so happy planning!

For Immediate Release: Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza

For more information about our upcoming Bridal Show:

Press Release: Envi Consulting & Associates raises funds for I Do Foundation with Sheer Elegance Bridal

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrity Weddings: Malinda Williams

We are so excited that Malinda Williams is married! Since, Soul Food, we have loved her! She is such a dynamic actress and so down to earth. Similar to the trend in Wedding Colors of 2008, chocolate and champagne.

Also, one of our favority Celebrity Wedding Planners, Samantha Goldberg, was the planner for this great event.

For more information about the soiree, visit Celebrity Wedding Blog: Malinda Williams on

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guest on Radio Show: Choosing an Event Planner

Choosing an Event Planner can be a difficult task for any person planning an event. What questions do you ask? What skillset do you look for? What are "red flags" when interviewing service providers and vendors in the industry?

The Envi Consulting & Associates' Founder and Executive Event Designer, Morgan Nichole Scott, had the pleasure of being the guest on the Season Premier of I Do Radio, hosted by Rev. Angela Chester out of Long Beach, CA.

Topics of discussion included:

Difference between a Planner and a Coordinator / Directress
Easing the fears of Brides
Interviewing Event Planners
and more!

You can listen to this show live by downloading it from iTunes as well as logging into Blog Talk Radio and listening to I Do Radio.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool Ice Cream Favors and Treats

Who knew that Dippin Dots sold ice cream??? These personal sized treat bags of Dippin' Dots ice cream can add an additional flair to any event. Having a cocktail hour prior to your reception? Well...go ahead! Spoil your dinner and serve your guests individual sized portions of Dippin' Dots ice cream and some other type of pastry like dessert. Tortes, donuts, eclairs, and even cake!

Also, you could use these as favors for your guests to leave home with instead. You can order these and see all the flavor selections at