Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Writing's On The Wall

In these times where we are all trying to be more conscious of the environment, cut costs in all corners, and be as trendy as possible....ALL at the same time, there are various factors that we have to assess and throw in to make it happen.
In this Green effect of the country being more environmentally friendly, how does one incorporate that into their wedding along with making the decor uber chic?

Well, one way through is to have wall graffiti!

That's right, writing on the wall!

Isn't this cute???? When I saw this photo I immediately thought of the Clubhouse at my subdivision and how it would serve as a quaint space for an intimate wedding affair....and then outside near the pool, have a poolside cocktail reception with high boy tables and signature martinis! Sounds lush....

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous? Think about how nice and calming it would be to retreat outside for a poolside reception at dusk....

Try some of these ideas for your next wedding, party, or cocktail soiree!

Eventfully Yours,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

What does the High End, Quality Bride look like?

This question is one that poses many event planners and vendors in the Wedding Industry to raise a brow and ponder...what does SHE look like? The bride, the contract that we all wish to acquire. The bride whose budget is upwards $60K, whose father and other contributors to the funds of producing this lavish affair say "Money is no object", the bride who after all is said and done is happy because her Princess Fairytale Wedding with Glass Cinderalla Slippers and all has come to an end and she and her prince charming threw the event of the century....THAT bride is who us as event planners dream of being able to sit across the table in our corner office and WIN that contract.

However, when you are so focus and consumed with catering to that bride, how many other brides who may not have those 6 figure budgets, but want to pay you for your services and expertise are you bypassing just to get that 1 contract???

Well, the ECA team is focused on not on producing Upscale Social and Corporate Events, but we are focused on producing these events with all types of clients in mind. From the $5K budgets to the $500K budgets, we are equipped with the resources and the knowledge to cater to all needs, tastes, and preferences.

Today's post is going to hopefully assist some other vendors, planners, brides, MOB's, and readers of our blog with some helpful business savvy etiquette ~ don't rule out potentials waiting on that ONE big bank contract. You could easily build up lots of clientele with smaller budgets while you continue to sit and ponder on the $100K bride.

Now, this high-end, quality bride....what does she look like? Is she blonde, brunette, or a red head? Does she have a specific profession or is she just a daddy's girl who was born into wealth? Is she a Bridezilla or is she cool calm collected? There are so many scenarios to this riddle, but the truth lies in that waiting on Princess Bride will keep you from building your business to the higher heights that you can reach.

See you at the top....