Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Throw a Holiday Bash without Breaking The Bank

ENVI Consulting & Associates was interviewed by Lawyers USA magazine, along with other Event Planners across the country to get tips on how to plan a holiday party for a law firm in this economy.

We were very excited that we were chosen as one of the planners to get our expertise and showcase our skills. You can check out the article here.

Lawyers USA is a weekly magazine targeting Lawyers and Law Firms.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An ENVI Merry Christmas - A Service Project

ENVI Consulting & Associates is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Palmetto Teen Girls Group Home for Christmas. There are 6 young ladies who live in this group home in Palmetto, GA who we would like to spread a little Christmas joy and need your assistance!

We are surprising these young ladies with a full of Girly Fun:
A Limo Ride Around the Town
A Mini Makeover - Hair and Nails
A Gift from their Christmas Wish List
and to top it off.... Dinner at a Nice Restaurant.

We would love for your assistance in any capacity you can or wish to give.We are also collecting donations to make this a very merry Christmas for them.....ENVI Style!

Should you feel compelled to donate anything, monetarily or a small trinket for the girls do not hesitate to call at 678-558-6052 or email at info@enviconsulting.com

We would love your assistance in becoming a sponsor for the 1st Annual An ENVI Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to plan a Swanky and Chic Election Day Viewing Party

On today, November 4, 2008 we are embarking upon the greatest election in United States History. We will either have the First African American Man voted President of the United States or we will have the first Woman as Vice President of the United States. Either way, it is monumental. People across the country are gathering around in homes, lounges, workplaces, and in the comfort of their own beds to watch tonight's results. The ENVI team is very excited with tonight's outcome and would like to share with our readers how to plan a swanky and chic election day viewing party! It doesn't take much, just a few friends who are interested and excited about the results!

To have any party, you need to have food, drink, people, and some sort of entertainment. We are going to cover each topic quickly so that we can continue to run and finish the preparations for our own party tonight.

First, people. As with any event, you need to narrow down your guest list. If you are having an affair at your home, then you want to keep your guest list down to a number of people who you can host comfortably. Anywhere from 6-8 is perfect! You don't have to plan weeks in advance. This is something that you can throw together quickly. You can call your closest friends and let them know, but to add a twist, send out an Evite.

Second, plan your menu! Since this is something that you are creating last minute, you don't have to serve a gourmet menu. Passed hors Deavures and martinis are just enough. We chose to go the simplistic route. Chips and various types of dip - Cheese, Spinach, Ranch. Veggie Trays, and a Dessert selection. Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and of course Pound Cake!

Not to mention, we made Red, White, and Blue Martinis. Flavored Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, and Cranberry. Tres Chic!

Finally, as for the Entertainment. That's easy! All you need is a TV with Election Day coverage. Some good friends for discussion and there you have it! Gather around CNN tonight to get all the Election Day coverage.

Let us know how your Election Day Party went at info@enviconsulting.com

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shout out to ENVI! Chrysler has come out with the ENVI line....

I just had to pop in and say that ENVI is destined to be on the map!

Chrysler has created a new division to bring their ENVI line to North America. With the growing demand for environmentally friendly and green products, they have streamlined a division to bring the Electric Vehicles to N.A. by 2010.

You just do not realize how excited I am about this new rollout that includes our company name! This is just the beginning of the destiny that ENVI has to become.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congrats you're engaged! Now, Plan Your Engagement Soiree!

Engagement parties are now becoming a more prevalent occasion for contemporary couples. As we are embarking upon the Fall wedding season, there will be more and more soirees with the benefit of celebrating your upcoming nuptials.

The first, is starting with the Engagement Party. While I consult tons of clients on how to relax during their engagement period, allowing Envi to coordinate their events, and have the time of their life, there are some parties that couples enjoy planning together for their friends, their friend and family throw for them in celebration.

As with anything, there are always trends. Engagement Parties are not a new fad, they are actually an old concept that are becoming more prevalent, as with clothing styles. The original concept of engagement parties were that they were thrown in honor of the couple to announce their engagement. It was usually thrown by the bride's parents either as a dinner party, cocktail reception, or something for close friends and immediate family to offer congratulations. Fast-forward to now, since weddings on average take about a year to plan, engagement parties are becoming a more formal way to immediately congratulate the couple on their new found journey together.

As with any party, you will determine your budget, your guest list for your invitations, venue, decor, food and drink, and nice parting gifts thanking your guests for attending. All of these components set the tone of your event. You can also determine the formality that you would like your affair to be, depending upon the personalities of the couple. Some may want an intimate, at home dinner, with close friends and family that could be impromptu, where you can play games such as Who knows the couple? , or other couples may want something more formal, such as a cocktail reception, exquisite decor, and mix and mingling, toasts for well-wishes and lots of music, dancing, and fun.

Keeping in line with etiquette, whoever is invited to your engagment party, must also be invited to the wedding. Typically, the engagement party will be hosted shortly after the proposal, anywhere from 1 to 3 months after. However, if you are having a relatively short engagement (meaning 6 months or less), then an engagement party is not necessary or appropriate. Also, an engagement party is simply an event that congratulates the couple, not one that is seen as a gift-bearing affair. Guests will want to provide a little token, but registry information is not appropriate for this affair.

Whatever your personality, Engagement Soirees are fun to plan and even more fun to attend. Remember, that this event is in honor of the couple, so happy planning!

For Immediate Release: Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza

For more information about our upcoming Bridal Show:

Press Release: Envi Consulting & Associates raises funds for I Do Foundation with Sheer Elegance Bridal

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrity Weddings: Malinda Williams

We are so excited that Malinda Williams is married! Since, Soul Food, we have loved her! She is such a dynamic actress and so down to earth. Similar to the trend in Wedding Colors of 2008, chocolate and champagne.

Also, one of our favority Celebrity Wedding Planners, Samantha Goldberg, was the planner for this great event.

For more information about the soiree, visit Celebrity Wedding Blog: Malinda Williams on Essence.com

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guest on Radio Show: Choosing an Event Planner

Choosing an Event Planner can be a difficult task for any person planning an event. What questions do you ask? What skillset do you look for? What are "red flags" when interviewing service providers and vendors in the industry?

The Envi Consulting & Associates' Founder and Executive Event Designer, Morgan Nichole Scott, had the pleasure of being the guest on the Season Premier of I Do Radio, hosted by Rev. Angela Chester out of Long Beach, CA.

Topics of discussion included:

Difference between a Planner and a Coordinator / Directress
Easing the fears of Brides
Interviewing Event Planners
and more!

You can listen to this show live by downloading it from iTunes as well as logging into Blog Talk Radio and listening to I Do Radio.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool Ice Cream Favors and Treats

Who knew that Dippin Dots sold ice cream??? These personal sized treat bags of Dippin' Dots ice cream can add an additional flair to any event. Having a cocktail hour prior to your reception? Well...go ahead! Spoil your dinner and serve your guests individual sized portions of Dippin' Dots ice cream and some other type of pastry like dessert. Tortes, donuts, eclairs, and even cake!

Also, you could use these as favors for your guests to leave home with instead. You can order these and see all the flavor selections at www.dippindots.com


Saturday, August 30, 2008

DIY: Table Decor and Centerpieces

We love, and I mean absolutely love, sharing easy, do-it-yourself tricks of the trade to save money! Money saving, budget crunching, and making sure it is also drop dead luxurious is the name of the game. Not only luxury, but Luxe...for less!

Today, the team at Envi has decided to talk about Do-It-Yourself Table Decor and Centerpieces and how to have the Luxe for Less wedding on a budget!

A major addition to the wedding, is the decor! It can be as minimal or as extravagant as you wish. Lots of flowers, candles, bows, chair covers, and more. The decor gives the tone and sets the mood of the rest of your event.

Flowers can be a costly expense, especially using fresh arrangements of ornate and different types of flowers. Not to mention if you want specific hues, sizes, or out of season florals. Your costs can get higher and higher.

We did a wedding a few weeks back, and we had planning time of about two months. With a budget of $5000 for about 60 guests, live flowers would have eaten up the budget. However, we found an already made, faux floral arrangement that was a semi-tall centerpiece. Ivory hydrangeas, limes, roses, and other types of flowers. This arrangement on the total of 8 tables could have easily cost over $100 per arrangement. However, we were able to buy the pre-made arrangement for $25 at Target. They fit in the color scheme of the wedding and helped save lots of money. Instead of paying close at least $800 for arrangements, we were able to get them all for $200....saving 75% for our bride to allocate $600 to other avenues.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Guest Speaker on The Recipe Box 8/22/08

Morgan Nichole Scott, Executive Event Designer of Envi Consulting & Associates, a boutique Event Management and Consulting Firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia will be my special guest. We will discuss how to party planning tips, event themes, selecting the menu and entertainment. www.enviconsulting.com/

Listen in on Blog Talk Radio or call in at (646) 378-1299

8:00 pm EST

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza


I just wanted to share the latest news on the Bridal Show! We are so excited that BRIDES magazine has joined in to sponsor this event! You do NOT want to miss out.

Thank you Melissa McCulloch and the BRIDES team for agreeing to sponsor our gift bags for our attendees! We are so excited and happy.

Stay tuned for more information....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rock the Reception....Trendsetting in First Dance

The First Dance is a staple in couple's wedding reception. After the entrance of the wedding party, the bride and groom enter and before anything else takes place they grace the floor and their guests with the first dance as husband and wife. Well, before the most important task was picking the song that all your guests would remember you dancing to. A song with significance of your journey to now this wondrous time as husband and wife. Now, in addition to picking a great song, couples are doing the unthinkable. Meeting with dynamic choreographers to make their first dance one that is memorable. Not a boring and drab two step, but a live and fully choreographed medley of moves that resembles an episode of Dancing with The Stars.

Your First Dance as husband and wife should be memorable and emotionally touching. Historically, the First Dance is symbolic of the consummation of the wedding vows. This Dance is the wedding couples' first cooperative engagement and joint endeavor. The newlyweds are placed on the road of life together to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, more importantly, to complete each other as a human being. When the Bride accepts her dance with the Groom, she accepts it for the rest of her life. The frame and posture of the Groom when he proposes the dance to the Bride, speak of the source of strength, love, companionship, and guidance he offers his Bride. It is no wonder that the tradition of the First Dance has continued through history as one of the most important facets of the Wedding Day.

Now, that society has changed, younger couples and some older ones too, are jumping into the idea of not only having a choreographed dance for the bride and groom, but also incorporating their entire wedding party into this new found dance activity.

Last week on The View, there was a special introduction to this new found dance of Rock the Reception.

Now, TLC, has a show called Rock the Reception that features couples using this new dance:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sponsorship for Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza

We are so excited about the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza! It is coming along so nicely!

We have secured sponsors in various areas to make this event become a dynamic success!

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Envi Consulting & Associates
LOFT at Castleberry Hill
Perfect Wedding Guide
In the Mix Consulting
A-1 Alterations
and our newest sponsor Weddings by Design

Door prizes, Giveaways, the best Wedding Vendors in Atlanta, and a Fashion Show showcasing the latest in Bridal Formalwear!

Don't miss the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza

Sunday, October 26, 2008
1:00 - 4:00 pm

LOFT at Castleberry Hill
170 Northside Drive
Atlanta, GA 30313

Monday, July 14, 2008

In the Mix Consulting Sponsors Sheer Elegance

For immediate release

In the Mix Consulting, owner and designer, Angela Mangham-Hose, has joined forces to support and sponsor the production of the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza.

Thank you, Angela, for believing in this event!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza

I am so excited because due to the hard work of myself and the rest of the Envi Team, we have secured our venue sponsor for the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza!

It will be held on Sunday, October 26, 2008 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the LOFT at Castleberry Hill event facility on Northside Drive.

Joy and Tammy are dynamic to work with and we can't thank them enough for believing in this event!

More information to come...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Planning a Beach Wedding...on a budget

Summertime is here, love is in the air! What more could you ask for than a romantic, beach wedding? Ocean waves, sandy beaches, sunset, palm trees....ahhhh!!! How refreshing!

Some of the biggest issues that come along destination weddings are primarily the cost involved with Travel and Lodging for your guests. How do you make it affordable for everyone traveling, the Bride and Groom, their families, the wedding party, and of course the guests?

Depending on the size of one's guest list, the task could be easy or extremely hard to deal with. That's where we are here to help.

We have taken on the assistance from our handy friend LowBudgetWedding.com to help us in providing the best information for you to know how to plan a beach wedding. What necessary steps to take from finding your officiant to getting your marriage license.

Sit back relax and soak up all the information you need.

Beach Weddings on a Budget

The best part of a beach wedding is you don't have to be a celebrity to afford one. You can have a fabulous beach wedding on the most stringent budget, making it ideal for young lovers on a small budget or people exchanging vows for the second or third time in their lives. Regardless of your circumstances, if you don't want to start your married life enslaved to debts for your big day, a beach wedding is an ideal choice. Today traditional weddings can run anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 or more, which is a large sum to part with when you are trying to begin your lives together.

A beach wedding can be extremely budget-conscious if you simply hire someone to administer the ceremony and invest in a few dollars in food, clothing and subtle décor. You already have the allure of the natural environment so you don't need a lot of fancy fixings like you do at a traditional wedding, which saves you a bundle of money. Beach weddings can be held in any waterfront area that has sand and a picturesque view.

Beach Weddings Give You A Creative Outlet

Beach weddings are much more flexible and creative than traditional weddings that can become boring or stodgy. You can let your personality shine through when you plan a beach wedding for a truly unique, refreshing experience. At a beach wedding, you can exchange your vows and have a reception all at the same place. With no travel required, you don't have to shell out money for a limousine. Best of all, kids can be included and they will love to play on the beach at your seaside ceremony, which is a major convenience for all your guests.

Best Beach Wedding Apparel

Because you are getting married on the beach, it is not necessary to buy a bunch of fussy designer gowns or old-fashioned suits. When you select your garments for beach nuptials, this is another area where you can really let your personality show. If you decide to wear a gown, consider a long train carefully because it will be heavy and swish around in the sand. A gown to the ankle, knee or tea-length is more comfortable for waterfront weddings. Light materials such as organza, chiffon, duchess satin and tulle are preferable if you decide to wear a wedding gown. You can also select an unstructured, less formal dress in white or ivory because it's a beach wedding. Remember you will be near the sea and sand, so choose clothing that will feel comfortable and bring a matching wrap in case you get chilly.

While some brides will still wear shoes to the beach, most go barefoot or wear strappy, dressy sandals. Affordable accessories should include shells and freshwater pearls for an authentic seaside feel.

Beach Wedding Accessories

Once again, your centerpieces, place cards, wedding cake and gifts for your guests can be presented very creatively at a beach wedding. Good elements to include in your designs include seashells, starfish and tropical flowers. Consider using sand castles and sculptures to decorate the area where your vows will be exchanged. If you use candles, remember that the beach can get windy and you may prefer to use the battery-operated tea lights to avoid a potential fire.

How To Make Sure Life Is A Beach

Although you can plan a beach wedding quickly and inexpensively, there are a few things to consider to make sure your life is a beach...and not the other word.

nature will always play some part in the success of your day so always have an “alternate” location or get portable tents to set up for partial shelter;

beaches can be breezy so select an area that is a cove so you are somewhat protected from the outdoor elements;

check with the local authorities to find out if you need a permit to get married on the beach and if there are any restrictions with regard to decorating, tiki torches, barbecuing, open fires, music and anything else you may want to include in your day;

bring along insect repellent, sunscreen and plenty of chairs so your guests are comfortable before, during and after the ceremony;

make sure to check the tides so high tide doesn't come in and wash away your wedding; and

keep all food covered to deter unwelcome guests such as bugs and seagulls.

With a bit of thought and planning, your affordable beach wedding can be one of the most memorable, enjoyable experiences you and your guests have ever had!

Thank you to Stacey Doyle for this "Beach Wedding" article.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanna learn how to Pole Dance????

You are definately in for a treat!

On Friday, July 11, 2008 from 7-10pm at The Ultimate Event Place, Envi Consulting & Associates has planned a dynamic event for women to come and wind down after a long work week and pamper their way to success!

A special opportunity to get complimentary manicures, massages, personal fitness training, beauty consulting, spa treatments....and a Pole Dancing Demonstration!

Pole Dancing? YES! Pole Dancing.

Pole Dancing is not only a form of intimate entertainment, but it is also a form of fitness...allowing women to learn various ways to build strength and endurance.

Use this time to network with other dynamic women to build your clientele, meet new friends, and make positive business relationships in an environment built for women!

For more information about this event visit:


For more information about the Pole Dancing Demonstration visit:


We are looking forward to seeing you on the 11th!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Register for Ladies Night Out: Pampering 2 Success

Envi Consulting & Associates would like to invite you to our July Ladies Night Out!

Come wind down after a long work week, get some good food, listen to some music, do a little shopping, get a mani and pedi, and pamper your way to success!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ladies Night Out: Pampering 2 Success

I am proud to announce this much anticipated event just for the Ladies!

Ladies Night Out: Pampering 2 Success
The Ultimate Event Place
6641 Hwy 42 Suite 114
Rex, GA 30273

Friday, July 11, 2008

Leave the kids and hubbies at home and come enjoy a night filled with good food and music. Come network and pamper yourself to be refreshed and relaxed and build your business to success!

There are a few vendor spaces available for $100 in the following categories:
Beauty and Makeup Artists
Intimate Apparel
Massage Therapists
Manicurists and Nail Technicians
...and more!

Contact info@enviconsulting.com or 678-558-6052 for more information.

Admission is $25/person or $40/two....includes food and drinks, music, and networking!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

LaDonna & Darnell Say Thanks!

LaDonna & Darnell are so excited about winning the NBC Today Show Throws a Wedding Race to the Altar. Here is their sincere thanks to all of their supporters:

LaDonna & Darnell win NBC Today Show Throws a Wedding

We are proud to announce that our 2008 Envi Bride of the Year, LaDonna Bradford and her fiancé, Darnell Suggs, have won the NBC Today Show Throws a Wedding Race to the Altar. They were 1 couple selected of 5 finalists to compete for America’s votes of who should win an ALL EXPENSES paid Wedding in Rockefeller Center. Through 5 weeks of competitions on the Today Show, America voted and LaDonna & Darnell won!

In 2 weeks, on June 25, 2008, LaDonna & Darnell will get married in the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, broadcasted on the NBC Today Show. Throughout this week, America will have a deciding factor in the planning process of their wedding. From the gown, to rings, to their honeymooning location! Monday through Friday (June 16-20, 2008) you can vote on the KEY ELEMENTS of their wedding at www.todayshow.com.

You can view the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT right here:

Thank you all for your votes and we at Envi Consulting & Associates can’t be happy enough to congratulate LaDonna & Darnell!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza

Envi Consulting & Associates is proud to announce the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza!

On Sunday, October 26, 2008 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm, Envi Consulting & Associates will host the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza in the Greater Washington, DC Area. The purpose of this show is to provide upcoming brides the opportunity to see a dynamic venue, meet vendors, get new and innovative ideas for their wedding, and see the latest trends in Bridal Attire and Formal Wear.

Vendors in all categories from Photographers to Consultants, Videographers to Bakers will be in attendance! There will be a dynamic fashion show showcasing the latest in Bridal Fashion!

There will also be a Wedding Giveaway! One lucky couple will WIN a Wedding!

Keeping in line with our community involvement and philanthropic mission, the Sheer Elegance Bridal Extravaganza is in support of the I Do Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to encourage couples to incorporate charitable giving into their wedding, creating alternative avenues to support non-profit organizations. A portion of the proceeds from this spectacular, fun, and unique bridal show will support their corporate initiatives.

We are proud to announce that the Perfect Wedding Guide will be a vendor at the show!

We are so excited about this dynamic event!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Timing is Everything!

In keeping in line with your information on Wedding Invitations, here is a small video on the importance of the invitation. Timing is everything when dealing with your vendors, especially caterers, and having a definite head count. Make sure that you send your invitations out in enough time to receive RSVPs from your guests and so that they will have enough time to plan to travel if necessary.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance....Planning the Perfect Graduation Party

As summer time approaches, we acknowledge the usual dates of Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Father's Day, another special occasion during the Spring and Summer Seasons is Graduations! The culmination of one's tenure in their educational endeavors is one that family and friends love to celebrate and send their congratulatory wishes. Of course with special occasion celebration, Envi Consulting & Associates loves to talk about the party!

First things first....who do you invite? For graduation parties, whether it is from Pre-K, High School, or College, there are influential people to the family as well as friends of the graduate who are necessary to be on the guest list.

Then, determine whether this will be a catered event, do-it-yourself buffet, or just a cake and punch affair. Depending on the caliber of the event, will determine how dramatic you wish for the catering to be.

Some ideas for a Do It Yourself Buffet could include: Wings, Meatballs, Cheese and Cracker Trays, Punch/Frappee (you know the punch with a bit of sherbet and ginger ale for the fizz ::smile::), Fruit, and Cake.

Now when you get to the full catered event, you can decide whether you are gearing toward an outdoor type event or upscale indoor event at an art gallery perhaps.

You have the guest list, the food, the venue if not at home, and now you just need the entertainment! That's simple....its a party! Hire a great DJ that is well-versed in various types of music who can feel out the crowd depending on the age differences and make the party go all night long!

Don't forget you need to have a space honoring the graduate. Maybe a table or the mantle above the fireplace. This should include pictures, certificates, awards, trophees, and other honors that the graduate has received throughout their educational endeavor. Another unique idea for "Honor Table" is for there to be a matte portrait, possibly in cap & gown, of the graduate, where the guests could sign there well wishes along the border. After the festivity is over, this portrait can be placed in a nice frame for memories for years to come.

Envi Consulting & Associates would like to congratulate all the Spring 2008 Graduates! Congratulations on a job well-done!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Setting the tone....Sending the invite!

As the host or hostess for any event, your main goal is to make sure that the time your guests have with you is well-spent. You chose the perfect venue, the catering, and the decor. You've finalized your guest list. Now....all you have to do is send out the invitation.

Well, that is almost easier said than done. As premier Event Planning Specialists, we know that first things first, what is your budget? How extravagant are you expecting your invitations to be? What is the overall vision for your event? Gala or cookout? Fashion show or wedding? These questions must be answered prior to thinking about what you want your invitations to look like, the wording included, and the intricasies that encompass the total package.

For a wedding for example, when your guests receive their invitation with the proper etiquette in mind (hint hint....hire a Calligrapher) they will automatically think "A Luxury Affair." Now, as they open the invitation, do you have lined envelopes? Invitations included with velum and ribbons? How about a significantly detailed and streamlined invite that screams Lavish or Simply Elegant? All of the words that you want your guests to think when step foot in your event should be portrayed through the first impression, your Save the Date Cards and your Invitiation!

We have put together a few of our Envi Picks for invitations. From casually chic to simply sophisticated to lavish luxury there are bound to be an idea that you will fall in love with, just like we have!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The New Face of Envi Consulting & Associates

Envi Consulting & Associates has been blessed to have a new marketing team ready to launch the business and marketing strategies of the company. A new logo, a new face, a new Envi!

Continue to check back with us to see what else we have in store for you.

Remember.....Luxury is a Lifestyle! You don't have to be Rich and Famous to be Glamourous!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Envi Bride of the Year becomes Top 5 Finalist in the NBC Today Show Throws a Wedding


LaDonna Bradford & Darnell Suggs, the couple chosen as the Envi Bride of the Year 2008, have been selected as one of the Top 5 Finalist in the NBC Today Show Throws a Wedding.

This year's theme is "Race to the Altar" and starting Wednesday, May 14, 2008 the Finalists will appear on the Today Show to compete against the other couples to win the hearts and votes of America! The couple with the least votes each week will leave the competition, and the last couple standing (who WILL be LaDonna & Darnell) will win a FABULOUS wedding, sponsored by NBC Live on the Today Show!

Envi Consulting & Associates and the lovely couple would LOVE your support in making this dream come true for LaDonna & Darnell.

Don't forget to vote starting May 14, 2008 so that this couple can win the wedding of their dreams!

For more information on the couple and the contest visit: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/23713175

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Envi Consulting & Associates Gives Back!

For Immediate Release

Envi Consulting & Associates is a boutique Event Management and Consulting Firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Specializing in producing luxury affairs from Weddings to Conventions, Parties to Reunions, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality and service in the industry to our clients. Our operations expand to all cities across the US and abroad. We have a team of experienced event planning professionals who are ready and willing to take your event to the next level!

Envi Consulting & Associates started as a dream, and thus has come to reality! The Envi Consulting & Associates Team is focused on fostering relationships with organizations whose mission includes bringing dreams and visions to fruition. In keeping in line with Envi Consulting & Associates philanthropic mission of community involvement, corporate responsibility, and giving back to our communities, Envi Consulting & Associates announces its partnership with The Little Girls, Big Dreams Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide underprivileged African American teenage girls with the direction, drive, and hands on experience necessary to live out their dreams and be successful leaders in our evolving communities.

A portion of all receipts from Envi Consulting & Associates programs and services will support The Little Girls, Big Dreams Foundation.

For more information, please contact us at info@enviconsulting.com

Monday, April 21, 2008

Do I really need an Event Planner?

If I had a nickel for the number of times I've heard this question!!!!

Let's ask a few questions and see if you need an event planner for your next engagement.

1) Do you have a job that allows you freedom to come and go as you please during business hours?

2) Do you have at least 2 hours per day to dedicate solely to the planning, organizing, and logistics of your event?

3) Do you want to deal with the stresses of coordinating with caterers, photographers, venues, and other necessary vendors?

4) Do you want to be busy, busy, busy, during the planning phases and not be able to ENJOY the event when it finally arrives?

If you answered NO, to ANY of these questions....then yes, my dear You Really do Need an Event Planner!

Event Planners, Consultants, and Coordinators come in all different facets. From the over the top, full service, you sit down, I do everything Planner, to the Directress who will come in on the day of your event and "Direct" the show!

Event Planners are a necessary investment for any event, no matter how big or small. They can curtail unforeseen events the the average host or hostess would have no clue would happen. They can offer bits of advice that can help you during the planning process. They can also share with you tips and tricks of the trade that can save you money and time on the front end and the back end.

For example, you are searching for a venue for a Retirement Party. Planning on your own would cost your hours of research time, calling time to call and inquire about the venue, driving time to visit these venues, and headache from when you are stressed from not finding the PERFECT venue at try #1. Using an event planner will cut down on this time and cost, especially with increasing gas prices!

Envi Consulting & Associates has a listing of preferred vendors and venues from every side of town in the city, organized by capacity, outdoor/indoor, amenities, etc. so our clients are satisfied from the start! We have built a reputation in our service areas of quality and luxe, providing top notch service from the beginning.

Hiring the assistance and expertise of an Event Planner or Event Management Firm will allow you a peace of mind that everything will run smoothly and you can enjoy your function along with your guests. Event Planners are not a luxury for those who have disposable dollars. Event planners are a necessity for anyone planning an event and needs the expertise of an experienced professional in the industry.

When you are creating your budget for your next event, remember the Event Planner. That small investment, can save you a lot of time!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Vendor of the Week: In the Mix Consulting

In keeping with our weekly theme of cocktails and parties, Envi Consulting & Associates would like to highlight a personal vendor favorite of ours!
In the Mix Consulting is owned and operated by Angela Mangham - Hose, a native Atlantan who has not only a flair for creating outstanding drinks that will be the highlight of your party, but she is also a graphic designer who can custom design your invites! Angela, better known to the Envi team as Angie, is a dynamic person to work with. Her enthusiasm for making your dreams come to reality, her professionalism, and her ability to make sure that both you and your guests are satisfied with her Award-Winning Service is none other than impeccable!
Currently, In the Mix is offering some DYNAMIC specials that Envi Consulting & Associates could not wait to share with our readers. Make sure that you let her know that Envi sent you....you won't be disappointed!

You can contact Angela Mangham - Hose at In the Mix via telephone and e-mail. Her contact information is listed below.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party

Springtime calls for tons of celebration! Fun times with friends calls for fun parties!

Envi Consulting & Associates specializes in luxury affairs, therefore we want to share with you some great tips on how to host the perfect cocktail party, where you can mix and mingle with some good friends and take the stress out of the planning process!

After you've chosen the date to hold your cocktail party, these are some fun and easy tips to

1. Pick your budget!
For any celebration, the rest of the details will fall in place after you have decided how much you want to spend. How much food to serve, people to invite, and beverages to have will all depend on your budget.

2. Pick your Guest List!
Whether you want an intimate gather of 8-10 close friends at your home, or a larger affair of about 20-25, you have decide how many people and who you wish to invite.

3. Pick your Drinks!
Cocktail parties are fun and lively! You don't have to have a reason, per se, to throw a cocktail party. Maybe you got a promotion and you want to celebrate with your friends or maybe you want to clear out your bar, whatever the case you have to decide what you're going to sip on! You could serve a signature cocktail or two where you can have them pre-mixed in a nice pitcher labeled so that you can enjoy your party also, or you can put all the ingredients out, grab some drink recipe cards and let your guests make their own cocktails! Just remember that the average cocktail party last anywhere from 3-4 hours and each party goer will have 2-3 drinks on average. So plan accordingly!

4. Pick your menu!
What's a party with a bunch of drinks and no food??? Well, you don't have to be a whiz in the kitchen to create a simple cocktail party spread. Wings, chips, fruit trays, cheese and crackers, and some type of dessert is the SIMPLEST way to go. However, if you want to be a bit upper eschelon, pick up your address book, call your favorite caterer or call Envi Consulting & Associates for a catering referral, and let the best cocktail party menu suggestions flow!

5. Pick your decor!
Glitz, glam, chic, sophisticated. Cocktail parties are not like Super Bowl parties where you are huddled around a television screaming at your favorite team. Cocktail parties call for delicate decor, sophisticated styles, and luxurious illuminations, that add to the mood that you wish to portray for your guests. Whatever your color scheme is, make your table centerpieces, napkins, are whatever decor you wish to use (if any) bring out the BEST in you!

6. Pick your music!
Music and entertainment sets the mood and tone for your party. Depending on who makes up your guest list, make sure that you have an even mix of party tunes that everyone can enjoy!

7. Pick your invites!
Now that all the planning is done, grab those invitations and put them in the mail. The hard part is over.
Some of Envi Consulting & Associates fave sites for cocktails:

Remember, that for your guests who are not fans of alcoholic beverages, they can have the same mixed drinks, just without the alcohol.....now its a Mocktail!

Now.....its time to party, Have Fun!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Preston Bailey Wedding Vision

We are at work!!!!! Brides, brides and more brides! So, last night I was talking with one of our newest clients on her vision and she wants the Preston Bailey Wedding for her budget! Gorgeous! The love of the flowers, the color, the decor....it is going to be magnificent!

The couple is having an intimate affair with 100-115 guests for a late summer/beginning of fall wedding being held on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 5:00 pm, with a Cocktail hour preceding the Reception for our bride to be, Tanyika White (better known as The Future MrsKG).

The ceremony will be held at Piedmont Park:

The reception will be held at the Wimbish Mansion in Midtown Atlanta:

I am so excited to be working on this affair! The bride loves Preston Bailey and envisions a Preston Bailey wedding! If you are anybody in the industry, then you know that his event decor is filled with lots of flowers and extravagant decorations! Her colors are Beige, Pink, and Mocha Brown. This is going to be great!
Now, I need to think of some floral ideas for our consultation on Sunday. I have the perfect florist that I know will do a marvelous job for this special occasion!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's HOT for Spring 2008!

With the busiest time of the wedding season approaching, each year continues to have different ideas and designs that come to play. Your wedding style is ultimately depicted by you and your Fiance. However, sometimes what is in style for the general public has an influence over what you have your eye on.

Do you enjoy more subtle colors or something more vivid and bold?

How about a chic wedding gown vs. the traditional white lace that your mother and grandmother wore?

Over time, designs and styles reappear and that lace that would have made you cringe 5 years ago, is now popping up more often than ever.

The days of pastel pink, peach, and white as the staple wedding colors are gone and you are finding more brides reaching towards the fuschias, oranges, Robin's Egg Blue (also known as Tiffany's Blue), and even Chocolate and Black (not together of course).

Envi Consulting & Associates wants to give you some ideas of what the Spring 2008 trends are for Weddings this year.

Starting with light cotton and organza gowns are best for spring, even though the 50s inspired trends from Winter 2007 will cross over into 2008. Classic and romantic embellishments such as eyelets, lace, and bead work are tops for the 2008 year. My personal favorite Bridal gown designer is Demetrios! For me, I can't wait to wear a Demetrios gown!

Some of Demetrios Bridal 2008 Collection:

Not only are you focused on the Bride's gown, but Bridesmaids dresses are important also. The conservative but fun look is IN for Bridesmaids. Babydoll dresses, Tea length, Full skirts, Silk halters, and don't forget the cute shoes!

Here are some cool ones from Alfred Angelo, Jim Hjelm, and Jenny Yoo:

2008 Envi Consulting & Associates Internship Program

As we continue to grow and expand our business, we are instituting the Envi Consulting & Associates Internship Program in our Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC markets.
The objective of this 16-week Internship Program is to provide students and mid-career professionals with the hands on experience necessary to become a successful Professional in the Industry. With the guidance of experienced Coordinators, Consultants, and Designers, you will have the opportunity to use your creativity and innovation to aid the growth of Envi Consulting & Associates, learn the background of running a successful Event Planning Firm, as well as add to your portfolio and resume of successful social and corporate events. This is a Commission-Based Internship, with the opportunity to receive other incentives as well as college credit.

Internship Positions:
* Graphic & Web Designer
* Sales & Marketing Coordinator
* Event Coordinator & Designer

* Have a passion and love for all aspects of the Event Planning and Entertainment Industries
* Have an educational background in Design, Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, Graphic Arts, or experience equivalent
* Be able to dedicate 15-20 hours a week to complete the individual Internship projects
* Must be a hard worker, organized, have the ability to multi-task, strong communicator, be a team player, as well as be ready and willing to learn all aspects of the business
* Must reside in either the Atlanta, GA or the Washington, DC metropolitan areas

How to apply:
* Send your resume and cover letter to ecainternship2008@enviconsulting.com by April 15, 2008
* Interviews will take place April 21 – 24, 2008
* Selected candidates will be notified by April 26, 2008
* Internship program will begin May 1, 2008 and conclude no later than August 31, 2008.

For more information visit us at: http://www.enviconsulting.com/ or contact our Internship Coordinator at ecainternship2008@enviconsulting.com

Friday, March 21, 2008

Congratulations to our 2008 Envi Bride of the Year

It has been noted that the majority of Engagements occur during the Thanksgiving - Valentine's Day season. Well, Envi Consulting & Associates decided to take advantage of this opportunity and during the month of February we held an Envi Bride of the Year contest and chose to shower one lucky bride with our Envi Platinum Wedding package! Surprisingly, we had a number of entrants and as difficult as it was to choose just 1 bride, it had to be done!

Our lucky bride to be is LaDonna J. Bradford, who is engaged to Darnell Suggs. They got engaged on January 1, 2008 (on her birthday) in Cairo, Egypt in front of the Sphinx and Pyramids. Here is a video of the special proposal:

We are just as excited to be working with LaDonna and Darnell as they are to have been chosen. So let the planning begin!

We had our first face-to-face consultation with LaDonna and Darnell on Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 4:30 pm at Starbucks Coffee on Howell Mill Rd. in Atlanta, GA.

During this first meeting, LaDonna and Darnell were able to complete 2 questionnaires:

1) A couple style questionnaire which helps the couple and the consultant understand what their planning expectations, the style and theme of their wedding, size, colors, and feel.

2) A priorities questionnaire which helps the couple and consultant understand from the budget items what is most and least important. Therefore, if money becomes an issue, what can we cut back on and what are the must-haves!

The good thing about these exercises are that the bride and groom are able to see if they have the same ideas and are on the same page in the planning process. For example, the bride might want a large guest list, while the groom is thinking somewhere between 75-100 guests. The groom says the style and decor is high on his priorities list, whereas the bride wants impeccable photos! Or in the best cases, the bride and groom have similar tastes and preferences which makes the planning process a wee bit easier, which is the case with LaDonna and Darnell.

Continuing during our conversation, LaDonna and I had previously discussed venues. However, prior to discussing venues we have to discuss budget. LaDonna and Darnell have a budget of $15-20K for their wedding. They have their heart set on the Georgia Aquarium for their wedding ceremony and reception. However, that venue just may be a bit over their budget. Second choice is The Fox Theatre in the Egyptian Ballroom. I also posed a suggestion for them as to if they are open to holding their ceremony outside and the reception indoors. They said yes, however their only concern in inclement weather, which we can always have a Plan B in those cases. So, other venue options are The Eagle's Landing Country Club and The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

After speaking with the Sales & Marketing Reps from both The Georgia Aquarium and The Fox Theatre this is what I found out:

The Georgia Aquarium
Rep. Anne Morgan

Pro: The date April 25th, 2009 is booked, but LaDonna & Darnell's first choice of August 9, 2008 is available. A gorgeous ambiance and scenery for a beautiful wedding.

Con: The cost for the Aquarium exceeds LaDonna & Darnell's budget....by a lot! The facility fee is $5250 on a Saturday evening, plus a $25000 minimum for food and beverage.

The Fox Theatre - Egyptian Ballroom
Rep. Jennifer Farmer

Pros: The cost for holding a wedding and ceremony at this venue is more in line with LaDonna & Darnell's budget. To rent the Grand Salon (for the cermony) and the Egyptian Ballroom (reception) is a total of $7000 for any night of the week. There is also the option for just renting the Egyptian Ballroom for the Ceremony and Reception, and while the room is being converted after the reception, a cocktail hour can be held out on the Terrace.

Cons: None of the dates that LaDonna & Darnell specified are available. Also, all the Saturdays in March and April 2009 are either booked or have holds on them, BUT there is the possibility of challenging those Saturday's that are reserved, but not yet paid for if LaDonna & Darnell want to put a deposit down. Also, there is a $5000 minimum bar charge for Saturday evening events.

After communicating these options to LaDonna, we are still at the drawing board for a venue and most importantly a date! Continue to check back with us as we journal the planning process of LaDonna & Darnell's wedding!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


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