Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summertime Bridal Shows ~ How to Work a Show!

Summertime is here and in between vacations, family reunions, weekend cookouts, there are tons of Bridal Shows for Bride-to-Be's to venture out on the weekend. So this task may be daunting or may be fun for others, but there is an art to tackling the Bridal Show. How to work a show you may ask? Well here are 5 tips of how to strategize and make the most of your time at these types of events.

1. Make Labels!
There are sometimes close to a hundred different wedding vendors ready to grab your information, add you to their rolodex, and give you terrific information with hopes of you contracting them for your wedding day. Do you really want to leave after 3 hours of walking through a huge facility with Carpel Tunnel syndrome in your right arm from writing your name and address all day? Of course not! Take some pre printed labels with your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Wedding Date. It's so much easier to peel and stick. 5 seconds and you're done!

2. Bring a friend!
There's nothing more special than taking a bestie with you to a Bridal Show. Whether she be your mom, sister, BFF, or cousin, it helps to be able to bounce ideas off someone, or get a second opinion about a vendor that you may be considering. They may see something that you didn't see or hear something that you tuned out.

3. Bring 2 Bags!
One for your definite callbacks and one for your everything else. There is so much information and freebies to get at Bridal Shows that it becomes overwhelming. What will happen is that everything will start to run together and you will forget who said what and where they were. If you can separate while you are there, it will keep things in perspective for you later.

4. No Pressure!
Don't feel pressured into signing contracts at the table the day of the Show. Treat it as a First Date. First Impressions count. I tend to shy away from overly pushy vendors.

5. Dress Appropriately!
Just as you are trying to see if these vendors are a good fit for your wedding day, they are assessing you as well. Make sure you dress appropriately to conduct business. It may be casual, but it is still a first impression - MAKE IT COUNT!

I hope these tips will help you move forward in your wedding planning venture.

Until next time...

Morgan Nichole
"Making your Happily Ever After Dreams Come True"